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But there are songs and love interests in all of these!

yeah but the love story isn’t the focus of the films. Even in Wall-E, where the love story is most prominent of these films (to me), it’s not ABOUT that at all. Like, they sort of go “a little robot went on a big adventure that started because he had a crush on another robot. HE SAVED THE HUMAN RACE AND HOLY CRAP HIS ADVENTURE IS ADORABLE. Oh yeah, as a footnote, he gets the robot yay :)” Like none of these movies are love stories in the same way that Legally Blonde isn’t a love story. 
As for the songs, yes, each film has a score that includes a well-known hit or two, but none of those songs are sung by the characters. “You’ve got a Friend in Me” is ABOUT the characters, sure, but it isn’t sung by any of them. Unlike, for comparison, the way that Timon sings “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” ABOUT Simba and Nala. The Lion King and such movies are animated musicals. Toy Story and the like are animated films with songs in the background. Not the same thing.